Visualization, High-Accuracy, Traceability

Get the 3D Avatar and Body Analysis Simultaneously

Just 10 Seconds to Get Body Scan Report

The 1st 3D body scanner that applies the IBS and BIA technologies in the world

Grab handles

Grab handles

Grab the hand electrodes to finish the body composition analysis

Get scanned

Get scanned

Stand on the floor mat and turn body 360 degrees

See reports

See reports

View reports on mobile phone, iPad or computer, and send reports to your mailbox

Benefits of Visbody

3D Body Avatar

  • Prove Your Program by measuring progress in 3D Body Avatar.
  • Show your clients their body changes in a visualized way.
  • Every single client is now a case study for future prospects.

Patented Technology - Posture Analysis

  • Visbody R is the only 3D Body Scanner in the world that can analyze the posture of your clients.
  • Attract more clients to your gym than your competitors if you can provide more information to your clients.
  • Generate additional revenue through scans.

Trustworthy Body Composition Analysis

  • Show your clients 15 key measurements.
  • It’s convenient that your clients don’t need to wear tights.
  • Over 50% conversion rate of convert prospects by trustworthy body composition report.
  • Advanced IBS and BIA technologies for  physical scanning 

Gym Growth in an easy way

Prove Your Program
Attract New Clients