Visualization, High-Accuracy, Traceability

The Best 3D Body Scanner
For Body Assessment

Introducing Visbody

Visbody is the world 1st 3D body scanner that applies the IBS and BIA technologies, and manages
to shorten the body scanning time to 10 seconds by generating a high-accuracy
3D avatar, measuring the body circumferences and compositions,
as well as perform the posture accessment.

Grab handles

Grab handles

Grab the hand electrodes to finish the body composition analysis

Get scanned

Get scanned

Stand on the floor mat and turn body 360 degrees

See reports

See reports

View reports on dashboard, and send them to your mailbox

Real 3D body avatar

Visbody can generate a real 3D body avatar. It can automatically measure body circumferences and make the change of your body visualized.

  • 100% Real body avatar
  • 360° all-range view
  • Accurate to 2mm

Accurate posture analysis

• 9 key measurements

Visbody provides 9 key posture measurements, inlcuding leg types. they are useful for health management, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and sports injury prevention.

• Extract over 1 million+ data

With over 1 million samples for model training and evaluation, Visbody manages to perform the posture accessment within a precision level of millimeter.

Trustworthy composition analysis

Embedded with the 8-electrode multi-frequency BIA technology, Visbody provides accurate & trustworthy data,  to help you know batter about your body status, even with your clothes on

  • 15 key measurements
  • No need to wear tights
  • 0.98 DEXA coefficient

See body changes in an easy way

Model comparison
Historic records