The body functions at its best when it is in correct posture. When the body is in correct postural alignment, it moves and distributes weight evenly and appropriately allowing the muscles, joints and spine to work together to help us move effortlessly. If something is out of alignment, then injury and pain can occur. Posture assessments look at your static posture to see if there are any imbalances that could cause or are causing pain and discomfort.

What you will benefit from a good posture

Optimal loading of the skeletal system

Skeletal tissues seem to be stiff, but they are dynamic in nature and can withstand larger loads. However, if the body is continuously in the incorrect posture and position of the body, or exceeds it for a long time during the development of bones in childhood, Bone mutations occur when they grow up, such as X-shaped legs, which often cannot be changed.

Antagonistic balance between muscle groups

When a person is standing, the spine is in a neutral position. When a bad posture occurs, the front muscles are in a shortened state, and the back muscles are elongated, which causes the deformation of our posture, thus forming a bad posture.

Optimal activities of the internal system of the body

When hunched for a long time, when the spine is in the flexion position, it will press on our respiratory system, causing dizziness and chest tightness; when the shoulder blade is shrugged for a long time, it will press on the nerves on the back of our neck and the front arm. Plexus nerves, causing hand numbness and headaches; when the position of the pelvis is shifted, the intestinal system will also change the corresponding position, resulting in constipation.

How Visbody R posture assessment works and related to your business

Visbody utilizes the industry-leading 3D bone point detection tech for assessing your posture in high accuracy, to maximum restore your posture status:

Step 1:

The key point information obtained by the human body model recognition and understanding algorithm is used as a reference to automatically identify the bone points of the 3D model.

How Visbody do : Once the 3D body model is built, the computer is limited to understand the logical relationship between various parts of the human body and these key points. This requires the identification and understanding of the human body model to mark the key parts of the human body model. To solve this, Visbody developed the deep learning algorithms to segment the main parts of the model, to obtain different key points, including bone points.

Step 2:

According to the posture evaluation rules, the actual position of the bones of the model deviates from the normal position and the analysis helps users intuitively and accurately judge posture problems.

How Visbody do: Visbody adopts the static body assessment rules based on bone points summarized in modern medicine and exercise physiology, which are consistent with mainstream assessment standards. And combined with the characteristics of computer algorithms to be appropriately optimized to ensure that the evaluation rules are clear and accurate.

By providing the most creative assessment experience and detailed report, Visbody R is loved by global gym center as a tool to attract more clients. Every gym manager or coach use the data to show the achievement of their members in online marketing and improve recruitment over 40%.

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