Upright column

  • Camera: 3 Intel depth cameras for a full body scan, which ensures to generate high-accuracy 3D model
  • RGB camera: Support gesture recognition
  • Handles: Semi-closed design makes it easy to hold steady. There are electrodes on each handles for accurate body composition measurement

Intel depth camera, Class 1 infrared laser for scanning, 100% safety to human

Built-in intelligent voice prompt system

Gesture recognition: Support interacting with the device for self-service

Height restriction: 78 inches. Weight restriction: 551 lbs


Require the access to the wired network


Dimensions: 686mm (length)*400mm (width)*1630mm (height)

Network: Ethernet connection

The net weight:43KG


Dimension:244.2 x 153.3 x 8.15mmProduct Bands Planning
Network:Wi-Fi / LTE Voice
OSAndroid PGSM: B2/B3/B5/B8
Display10.3”, FHD TDDI

See the report

After measurement, the coach will assist you to sign in the Visbody APP or website and get your report with a unique code. Also, you can send the report to your mailbox by one click.

* How to print your report?

Connect the printer, and set it to auto printing. If you want to comfirm the appropriate types of printer, please contact us

Compared with other scanners