Our Mission

To provide the accurate and comprehensive body analysis for health and wellness

Visbody has been focusing on the 3D body scanning and machine learning technology since 2010. We are committed to develop the most advanced technology for health assessment including body composition and posture measurement. Visbody R adopts many patented technologies to provide the safer, more advanced, and more comfortable body accessment experience. Through the visualization and ananysis provided by the Visbody R, people can get more insights about your body and grasp the changes. Up till now, Visbody owns over 155 patents, cooperates with more than 2000 institutions and companie, and provides service to over 1 milllion user all over the world. 

In 2015, our team is on the high path to seek the result of high accuracy 3D body scanning tech. Our CEO was bothered by the over-fat problem because of high pressure and unltheathy lifestyle, he decided to take movement in the gym, and take part in the BIA analysis, the coach showed him the detailed report and acknowledges to help do fitness. After one month fitness, when he returned to the gym and get the latest report to know if his body status has improved, but sadly, the preivous report was lost and he can not compare these two reports to know the result. This experience make him realize it’s important to make body changes visualize and trackable. Base on that, Yang thought throughtly to imply 3D body scanning tech into body assessment.

In 2017, Visbody released the first gen of 3D body scanner and continuously got over 100 orders, and in this 2020, Auguest, we official bring our Visbody R into market, hoping to create value and improve members services for gym.


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