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FAQ - Visbody tech

Visbody R adopts the Intel depth camera and Instantly Body Scan (IBS) technology, which can complete the 3D scan of the human body in 10 seconds and generate a high-precision 3D model. The whole process is 100% safe

The body composition analysis is performed using the 8-electrode multi-frequency BIA technology, which provides information including segmental fat mass, muscles, protein, inorganic salt and more. Moreover, this body composition analysis can be performed independently. Wearing loose clothes will not affect the measurement results.

With AI tech, Visbody retrieves circumferences and bone pointsdata from 3D avatar, to analysis among these over 1 million models to sucessfully make the data reach to millimeter accuracy

All the data are stored on the cloud and you can view your report from the Visbody APP or website. It assists you to keep tracking the changes of your body status.

Weight range: 10~250kg
Age range: 10-70 years old
Height range: 70-200cm
Please do not use the body composition analysis function if you have pacemakers, fixed nails, electronic devices or any other medical metal objects inside your body or if you are pregnant.

FAQ - How to measure:

Take off your shoes and socks
Take off metals on you, such as the ring, watch, necklace, etc.
Take off your coats. It is suggested to wear light and tight clothes for body circumference measurement.

Weight measurement: Stand still with your hands down naturally
Composition measurement: Please keep the upper arm open at an 45 degree angle
Posture measurement: Please open your arm at a 45 degree angle according to the voice prompt and finish every step within an appropriate time

1. Besides body composition measurement, Visbody can also generate a 3d real avatar, measure the body circumferences, and perform posture assessment
2. The report of Visbody not only shows the current measurement results but also presents the variations compared with your last measurement. It can visualize the historical 3D body models side by side for intuitive comparison.
3. No need to print, you can send this report to your email with only one click. We also provide the online management platfrom(dashboard) for users to view their reports.

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