Focused on exercises requiring free weights

Strengthening the stabilizing muscles is extremely important in achieving good results with bodybuilding. The more that you use free weights, the more will be the number of muscles that get engaged in stabilization, and hence the more the number of muscle fibers that are getting worked out, the more will be the extent of muscle building. Therefore, weight lifting with the objective of bodybuilding should be more focused on exercises requiring free weights.


Another factor is supplements. Supplements will never be the sole factor in the determination of the success or failure of your muscle-building workout program. Supplements are also not compulsory for consumption if you are clever and disciplined enough to get the desired quantity of balanced nutrients through your daily body-building diet.

However, getting the right quantity of essential nutrients for bodybuilding from your regular diet alone is an extremely tough call to achieve, if not a totally impossible one. Therefore, if you really want to see some quick bodybuilding results, you should not underestimate the capability of the various supplements available in the market, or as ideally recommended by your personal trainer or physician, or both, in helping you elevate your results to a greater level altogether.

This doesn’t mean in absolutely any way whatsoever that you stomp about the market blindly and mindlessly picking up any and every supplement that comes under your scanner. There are some really ridiculous so-called supplements in the market, and you need to beware of them. Go for that supplement recommended by a trusted source and which suits your body type and current stage of work out etc.

 Lower or release weights or resistance slowly, correctly and gracefully

Another tip corresponds to the art of lowering weights. Everyone is smart and careful with lifting weights and doing it in the correct form. It is at the time of lowering these weights that most people do it with a jerk or a shudder and totally lacking in form. People either ignore or are ignorant of the requirement to lower or release weights or resistance slowly, correctly, and gracefully. 

Everyone seems to be in the rat race of lifting more and more weights, but nobody seems to recognize how lowering or releasing the weights in the correct form contributes to muscle growth. Take care of this factor and you will be building double the body of those who don’t take care of it.

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