Breakthrough scanning, visualized data. The 3D body scanner you've been looking for

Provide accurate and detailed data, including:

  • body composition
  • posture assessments
  • trends
  • body insights

Start growing your business today

Cutting-edge design

Thanks to the industry-leading craft, Visbody is designed with a full metal body and flowing edge, featuring a high-level standard, whereas its space-saving body enables it can be placed in a small space

User-friendly operation

With intelligence gesture control, Visbody simplifies the operation steps without compromise accuracy. And our dashboard makes customer data easy to store and easy to retrieve.

Trustworthy data with less than 1% error

We extract millions of measurements and manage to lower the data error to less than 1% and retrieve every part of data within 2mm accuracy

The Secret to Gym Growth

Create the difference

Share the amazing report on social media to attract more customers into your fitness & gym center

Increase Renewal Rate

Clients can evaluate the training progress, keep training and build loyalty.

Increase Revenue

Each report can be charged as an added-value service for memberships

What make Visbody unique?

3D body shape

Generate a real 3D body avatar in 10 seconds

Posture assessments

9 key posture assessments within 2 mm accuracy

Body composition

15 key body compositions with BIA & BDA tech

Body shape comparison

Make clients' body process more effective

Gesture recognition

Feature the easiest & intelligent way to use

Paperless data

Member can download report directly to mailbox

Body shape changes

See body changes in a visualized way


Get reports on any device: mobile phone, computer, or tablet.