Body composition is one of the most neglected facts by people in weight loss or weight gain programs. For men, they do think if they are skinny at the moment, all the weight gain they can get is pure muscle mass. For women who are trying to get rid of fat, they do think that their bodies are composed of pure fat. The more weight they lose, the more fat is gone. They can never be more wrong.

Your body is not composed of only muscle or fat. If you want to get slimmer by getting rid of some fat, you need to understand that your body is composed mainly of bones, muscles, and fat. Only bone mass remains the same in a given period. The change in bone mass is slow and not noticeable. You can only control the amount of mass of muscle and fat in your body. Two people of the same height and weight may look completely different if they have different body compositions.

When a person gains fat, so does his body weight. The same thing happens when he loses fat, so does his body weight. The same thing applies to muscle mass. Your body weight increase if you put on more muscle mass and vice versa. Never assume that what you lose is purely fat when you lose weight. If you are not careful with what you eat, your body fat percentage may increase even though you are losing weight. If you want to look better in shape, whether you want to gain weight or lose it, you have to monitor your body composition. Be careful not to lose your muscle mass.

How can I know if I lose some muscle mass? The most apparent symptom is hair loss. Hair loss in a diet indicates that a person is deprived of protein. To keep your body functioning properly, it takes the protein from hair, muscles, and other parts of your body. Our immune system relies heavily on protein. Protein deficiency can cause immune system decline.

Diagnosing your body composition from your hair and the immune system is too complicated. The easiest way to do this is by using a body composition analysis machine. By keeping a record of your body fat percentage time after time, you can calculate how much fat you have lost and how much muscle mass you have maintained. To look better in shape, the key is simple. Add more muscle mass and lose more fat and you will definitely look better.

The process of building muscle is a long process of trial and error. Find more tips on how to maintain a healthy body composition on our website. Also, you can get a free demo on our body composition analysis machine – Visbody R to help you get healthier body composition.

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