Are you always thinking about losing weight but don’t have the time or patience for exercise? If you want to get in shape but can’t afford to join a fancy gym, consider the following tips to tone the entire body at home. With a firm body workout and an active home routine, you’ll incorporate exercise into your life without thinking too much about it. Soon, those unwanted pounds will be history.

First, Before diving into fitness, measure your body fat with VISBODY‘s 3D Body Scanner. And then you can think about all the things you could do around the house that would increase your activity level. Getting in shape is all about developing a more active lifestyle, and there’s no better way to do this than to change your at-home routine. So mow your own lawn instead of paying the neighbor’s kid to do it. Or shovel the snow from your driveway. Even sweeping the floors more often will make you burn more calories and get you on track to losing weight. Take the long way around your house to get to your car. Don’t take the easy way out of anything and you’ll fit a surprising amount of exercise into your schedule.

Another good way to get in shape at home is to incorporate yoga or Pilates into your morning routine. This may sound like something you’d never do because it would take too much time, but think about all the mornings you lay in bed an extra ten minutes; that time could be spent stretching and toning. Buy a short instruction video or look up a few easy moves online. Do the same short routine every morning and you’ll feel energized and begin to lose weight. After about a month, increase the intensity level of your routine to burn more calories and again using the 3D Body Scanner to measure the Body fat percentage. By this time, you’ll look forward to your morning movement and won’t mind the extra work.

Also, try doing stretches while you’re sitting after work or making dinner. Just rising up onto the balls of your feet or squeezing your glutes together will tone these muscles. If you do this regularly, you’ll start to see a difference.

Why not? Get in shape at home and save time and money.

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