If you’ve spent your life-fighting weight, gaining and then losing then gaining again, you are in for a treat. Forget starving yourself. Forget the next great diet to come along. Forget taking weight loss supplements or medications. This article is aimed at helping you lose belly fat and keep it off.

Losing weight and learning how to lose fat can be confusing and frustrating. There is so much contradictory information available today, it’s no wonder we can’t figure it out. One day some food is the answer to all your weight loss prayers. A few weeks or months later some guru says that food should never pass your lips. How are we supposed to maintain slim figures with all the paradoxical advice? These five tips might just be the lifeline you’ve been looking for.

Tip #1: You can’t change your body without changing your mind. Sounds like a platitude, I know. Please keep reading and you’ll understand why a new mindset is so important. I’ve personally lost more than 60 pounds in the last four years. I didn’t do it quickly (although I did lose 15 pounds in a few weeks after starting), or by dieting. I did it by taking a long-term approach to losing fat, building muscle, and, most importantly, living a healthy lifestyle. We live in an age of instant gratification. You can, and will if you apply these tips, lose several pounds right away. The trick is to keep a long-term approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

Tip #2: Get some sleep. Yep! You read it right. Sleep deprivation has all kinds of serious side effects. It can keep you from making sound decisions (like not eating the second piece of cake), can actually make you feel more hungry (the body is going to get the attention it needs one way or another), and can actually keep your body from reaping the benefits of exercise. Get the eight hours of sleep per night that scientists have been recommending for years, and watch your body reward you for your efforts.

Tip #3: Stop dieting. Dieting does nothing good for your long-term weight loss and can actually ruin your metabolism for life! Bad stuff. If you feed your body the foods it craves, foods rich in nutrients, it will respond by feeling full faster and allowing fat to melt away. Eating a healthy balance of carbohydrates (mostly complex, with a few simple carbs thrown in on occasion), protein (mostly vegetable protein – save the animal protein for once a day, or even better, a few times a week), and fiber. You’ll feel full faster, without the bloated feeling from too many simple carbs. You’ll also slowly begin to see fat disappearing.

Tip #4: Drink water. Lots of it. Our bodies are made up of 55% to 78% water (depending on body size), It is not only important that you replenish it, drinking water will actually help you lose belly fat. Drinking at least 64 ounces (8 8-oz glasses) a day of water will make you feel less hungry. It serves the added benefit of helping your internal organs function better, which means that your body works more efficiently. A body that is not dehydrated will cooperate with your fat-burning goals.

Tip #5: Exercise. I guess you knew this one was coming, huh? There is a right way and a wrong way to exercise though, so make sure you’re exercising to lose fat. You don’t need to join a gym and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment. The key is to work hard on resistance training for 20 – 30 minutes max, then rest your body for one to three days. How to burn fat with exercise has to do with high-intensity resistance training, done two to three times per week, and progressing the demands of your workout slowly over time.

These five tips will go a long way toward helping you with your fat loss goals. In his Fat Burning Furnace System, Rob Poulos explains exactly why you can’t burn fat. He tells you secrets that the medical and fitness industries don’t want you to know. With this incredible, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use guide you can take control of your life and learn exactly how to lose fat.

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