How Visbody Helps LIFE TURBO Exceed 70 Percent Sale Growth Amid Epidemic

Starting from the April 2020, the very beginning of global COVID-19 outbreak, this gym studio – LIFE TURBO, located in Chongqing, China, manage to pre-sale over 1.1 million USD, which achieve to retain members over 70%, the fans on the social media platforms reach up to 10 million. These achievement is impressive, especially considering the current situations. How did they achieve this?

LIFE TURBO is created and run in 2018, aiming to create professional personal training service, by providing workout, coffee, super food in the modern way. LIFE TURBO is the designated training venue in China by Precor- American equipment brand, and Chinese fitness studio brand recommended by British HCM magazine.

In May 2020, LIFE TURBO opened its second store. Equipped with Visbody3D body scanner, AFASCAN dynamic evaluation system, finger vein cabinet control, 3M fresh air air purification system and other modern fitness technology products, conceptual panoramic glass and large outdoor training balcony, covering an area of more than 1,700 square meters.

Just like other studios, LIFE TURBO endured much pressure of cash during this epidemic and there is zero income in the last two months. Instead of setting back, LIFE TURBO Studio built its own media team for branding. And the result is good: more than 200 top-tier fitness internet celebrities were invited to join the program. The LIFE TURBO brand promotion photos were shared by 200+ fitness influencer on Weibo. The cumulative number of views in the seven days exceeded 17.5 million, which attracted many new members.

The main operating income of LIFE TURBO comes from providing personal coaching services to customers. LIFE TURBO believes that “good coaches are good content”. Their coaching profession and image are very good, all come from professional fitness athletes, fitness models, fitness internet celebrities, coach trainers and professional technical mentors.

The curriculum design of LIFE TURBO is also very rich. There are one-to-one personal training courses, celebrity personal training courses, kickboxing courses, Pilates, fascia relaxation courses, pain management & body correction courses, prenatal training-postpartum rehabilitation courses. Seven categories.

This year LIFE TURBO kicked off the customized courses for members, such as marathon special gait adjustment courses, ski special core training courses and so on. The best store decoration, coaches, courses are important to LIFE TURBO, so is Visbody 3D body scanner.

LIFE TURBO believes data management is important for members, coaches, and admin. The normal bioelectrical impedance body analyzer is limited to provide data like body fat, muscle, it’s far close to what customer need. They need more detailed data for knowing body changes, especially in this period, people are staying at home, they want to know body status by measuring different data. Expect for body compositions, Visbody 3D body scanner generates the real 3D body avatar, circumferences, and body postures, all these data will store on the Visbody cloud, as well as the body changes and history trends since your first day of using it, to help coaches to monitor our members’ body status, and make or adjust plans for fitness. “It [Visbody] adds so much value that I can’t tell you what it adds to my business financially because I know what it is adding emotionally for my members”.

“It has been such a valuable tool for us in the sense that helps our members to know their body changes, even in a little range,” Xiyang Heng said to us, The CEO of LIFE TURBO studio. “Our members love this 3D scanner and ask to scan their body every 2-3 weeks, they can get their body changes visualized. This equipment helps us retain these member and it really does  ”

There is no doubt that people are raising their awareness to maintain health and wellness, after going through this epidemic. Are you prepared for this change? Maybe our Visbody 3D body scanner is a good option for your gym center.

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