Visbody is the world’s 1st 3D body scanner that applies the IBS and BIA technologies. Learn more about what makes Visbody different.

Tech Specifications

  • Turntable for smoother user experience
  • Non-invasive
  • Handles for accurate analysis
  • RGB camera supports gesture recognition
  • 3 Intel depth cameras
  • Electrode body fat scale
  • Floor mat
  • Handles with electrode
  • 1080P HD LCD screen
  • Column: 1681mm(H) x 400mm(W) x 685.3mm(T)
  • Turntable: 74mm(H) x 600mm(Dia)
  • Floor Mat: 1830mm(L) x 680mm(W)
  • 56.5Kg

Intel depth camera, Class 1 infrared laser for scanning, 100% safety to human

Built-in intelligent voice prompt system

Screen size: 17.3 inches/40x25cm


Testing Method: Direct Segmental Multifrequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis(DSM-BIA) & Instantly Body Scan(IBS )

Imaging Technology: AI Visual and Optical 3D Modeling Technology

Change Detection: Model comparison & Historic records


Guide: Human voice guide+Gesture recognition/ Manual operation

Report Form: PDF/Paper report/Webpage report

Data Storage: Automatically save all data/Remote viewing data report/Data report backup

Data Management: Dashboard website

Use Guide

Require access to the wired network

Operating Environment: Temperature 10℃~ 40℃/50℉~104℉, Humidity 10%~90%RH

Height Range (Posture & Circumference): 130cm-200cm

Height Range (Dynamic Labs): 130cm-192cm

Age Range: 10-99 years old

Device Weight Capacity: 250kg

Turntable Weight Capacity: 180kg


Column Size: 1681mm(H) x 400mm(W) x 685.3mm(T)

Turntable Size: 74mm(H) x 600mm(Dia)

Floor Mat: 1830mm(L) 680mm(W)

Weight: 56.5kg


After measurement, the coach will assist you to sign in to the Visbody APP or website and get your report with a unique code. Also, you can send the report to your mailbox with one click.

Supported Printer Model:
Epson L1119; HP1112
*Please consult Visbody to confirm whether other models are available.


Tech Advantages

3D Body Avatar


Using optical 3D reconstruction technology generates a high-precision 360-degree rotatable 3D body avatar in 40 seconds.

Body Composition Analysis

Use IBS & BIA technology to realize body composition analysis, which is more accurate and stable.

Body Circumference


9 body circumferences can be automatically measured of with millimeter-level accuracy to avoid human error, including arms, legs, chest, waist, hip, etc.

Static Posture Assessment


AI vision-based high-precision human 3-dimensional bone point detection technology, evaluates and displays the balance of the user’s head, shoulders, waist, knees, and legs with the 3D avatar.

Intelligent System

Multi-language Report

English, Japanese, and Spanish available 

Remote Update Technology

Always get the latest algorithms and software

Cloud Data Management

Find original you at anytime

Better User Experience

Voice and screen guideline + Gesture recognition confirmed

Unit Conversion

Support the unit conversion between kg-cm/lb-in

Competitor Comparison

Showing body changes better than the BIA scale

BIA scales can analyze human body composition and tell people whether various parameters are within the normal range, helping people judge their health. However, health is not the only issue that people care about.

Visbody not only uses BIA technology to accurately analyze human body composition, but also uses 3D optical scanning technology to generate 3D models. Through recording and tracking the body shape, posture and circumference, it visually presents the body change process.

Deeper than other 3D body scanners

Other 3D scanners only analyze the body surface around the 3D model, and the report is intuitive but with few data and not comprehensive. Visbody uses professional BIA technology for body composition analysis, it provides the real 3D body avatar, 15 key body composition measurements, 9 key posture assessments for your clients to know their body status in an easy way.

It also generates detailed body reports to serve every member of your gym, medical center, or aesthetics center.

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