The latest verison of Visbody R was released on IWF

IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo 2021 will establish a new model of “1+5+N” exhibition, setting up a comprehensive exhibition of fitness equipment, club facilities and supplies, China Fitness Festival and other special exhibitions, as well as N thematic activities inside and outside the exhibition hall. IWF is committed to building a Chinese sports and fitness business platform, integrating the resources of local sports and fitness associations, attracting high-quality sports enterprises, and gathering momentum to break the game and welcome the new. The scale of the exhibition reached 70,000 square meters, attracting more than 800 exhibitors in the field of fitness and bodybuilding from home and abroad, and the total number of on-site visitors reached more than 60,000, which became the most ever! As a long-time customer of IWF, Visbody also participated in this event to show Visbody products and technologies to more global fitness professionals and businesses.

In this exhibition, Visbody carried a large family of Visbody products to meet with everyone, with a total of 6 products, respectively for domestic and international business. This time, the Visbody R exhibited also attracted the favor of various manufacturers from all over the world, the exhibition for the first time launched the white model, clean, product color more with the layout of the gym scene. The site booking scene is hot, become the most popular products at the exhibition.

Visbody R adopts 3D skeleton point detection technology to achieve millimeter-level precision for the whole body 9 items of 3D intelligent body detection, providing users with scientific body assessment results, helping coaches to create professional services for users. 40 seconds to complete the human body data collection to generate a real 3D model, and automatically measure the whole body 9 items of body circumference, objectively show the body shape.

This latest Visbody-R upgrade brings a better customer experience, with major performance enhancements as:

  • Simplify the steps of wearing the physical test in one step
  • Intelligent large screen to visually display health reports
  • AI interpretation of the report to provide health and nutrition improvement recommendations

About Visbody

Founded in 2014, Visbody Technology is dedicated to making the most intelligent body scanner, based on self-developed 3D body imaging technology system, through the construction of hardware products, software services and cloud system, to empower all kinds of organizations in the field of health, including fitness centers, hospital-related departments, rehabilitation centers, yoga studios, beauty and shaping institutions and home fitness, etc.

The 3D intelligent body measurement device adopts optical 3D reconstruction technology, which can generate high-precision 3D models of users, and conduct 360° full-dimensional body measurements of body shape and posture, body composition, body circumference, joint flexibility and so on. Currently several product lines are available to meet different body measurement needs.

Since its development, Visbody has set up branches in five cities, including Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou, and has 166 authorized patents, becoming a leading national high-tech enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence and 3D body imaging technology, serving 3000+ organizations and providing full-dimensional body measurement services for 6 million+ users.

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