Original in providing custom service in clothes design, this 3D body scanning tech has developed into different areas to play a core part in body assessment, not only in some fitting rooms, but find its opportunities in fitness center, beauty institutions.

In today’s health clubs, 3D body scanning is a great way to sell personal training, sell memberships, help members reach their fitness goals, and be able to track the body status in a visualized and correct way.  

Visbody R 3D body scanner delivers a core function of mapping a person’s body shape through millions of data points generated by digital camera imaging. The scan is displayed as a three-dimensional avatar with measurements utilized in a variety of analyses. It is this kind of data readout that has presented opportunities for health clubs in retention efforts, sales processes and competition with other gyms in their communities. Our partners Health & Fitness in L.A. uses 3d body scanner in its X-Force Body training program. The program consists of a diet plan with trainer-led 30-minute classes once per week. The director of the X-Force Body program at the club and estimates 3D body scanner generates approximately $65,000 annually for the club. The X-Force Body program has 136 members who received scans at the start of the program with additional scans every six weeks. The scans are reviewed in a meeting between the trainer and member where problem areas are identified and encouragement is offered. As the increasing of paied memberships, fitness center would like to charges consumer users different range of money for full access to scanning data, with less $6000 – for every unit of Visbody 3D body scanner, it will bring as much as over $60 million over these years.

“It has been such a valuable tool for us in the sense that sometimes you don’t necessarily see that weight come off,” The director said. “But your body composition is changing a little bit and by showing them that scan they can see where their body composition is changing.”Another coach in Health&Fitness center views the technology as continuing education to keep members engaged and informed of their progress. X-Force Body is the only training program at Gainesville Health and Fitness that currently uses Fit3D, but the club offers scanning to all members at $25 per scan.

Visbody assumes that 3D body scanning has become the new norm, and more clubs will benefit from this tech and begin considering to get this kind of equipment to help members and clients. With the help of 3D scanning, your clients will get better knowledge of their body, leading the right direction to change how to reach goals effective and fast, as well as taking away the guesswork: measuring somebody a certain way, and define the golden standard.

Visbody 3D body scanner is a perfect ending by building the relationship to get know your clients better. Help club to get clients on that machine, take through the calorie report, the workouts, and get every training coaches become professional.

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