CEO Talks: Visbody full body scanning tech is leading the change in health management industry

According to a WHO survey, 95% of the world’s people are in an “unhealthy” state, many studies and institution has raised their attention on this global problem, and calling on action.

As for now, human health industry has broad prospects for development, mainly including population aging, food safety, environmental pollution, health awareness, economic development, and medical cost changes. Visbody has taken the chance and become the industry-leading company, focusing on the physical assessment and health solutions.

Since 2017, Visbody has launched multiple models of 3D body scanners, and firstly proposed the three concepts: visualization, traceability, and high-accuracy, to lead the new era of body scanners. Visbody is determined to explore more possibility and reach up to the top 3 of industry. Here we are going to share some ideas of Visbody CEO: Shaoyi Yang

About Shaoyi Yang

Since being admitted to Xidian University in 2008, Yang Shaoyi has developed great interested in robots, and built the team to do the research and development of robot-related industry. When he got the master degree, the whole team is creating their 6-gen of robots, and Won almost all awards for technological innovation.

In 2013, CEO Yang started Visbody tech. Yang recalled that:”I was facing a hard choice then about starting a business, work or Ph.D”. With the thoroughly consideration with the team, he decided to start his own business. Few years later, he gave us two main reasons:

  1. I’m confident that my scientific research results and technology can be recognized by the market. It’s reliable and trustworthy.
  2. I hope that visual health detection technology can help more people know their bodies well and live the better lives.  
Visbody Tech

Tim Cook once stressed the important of body health in a statement: “If you look back in the future, and then ask yourself a question: What is Apple’s greatest contribution to the world? I would say that it is health. “

Recent report indicates that globally demand for body assessment equipment is about 3 billion USD, most of them apply the traditional bio-electrical impedance technology, and causing the test results relatively single, only showing person’s body composition. Bio-impedance technology is good, but for modern people, data result is not intuitive with single data dimension, the real physical condition seems to be hidden in a maze.

Visbody’s full body scanning tech is leading the change in health management industry

Differing from the other body scanners, Visbody firstly bring out “Full body scanning” to measure body composition and assess posture in varies dimensions:

  1. Visualization: Combined AI and 3D scanning tech, Visbody enables to fully scan the body and generate model in 10s, as well as Circumference, posture measurement,
  2. Traceability: All body data will be stored on AI-powered cloud platform, every member could retrieve and view report anywhere, anytime
  3. High-accuracy: With over 1 million samples for model training and evaluation, Visbody manages to perform the body measurements within a precision level of millimeter.

We expect much more than that: Visbody 3D body scanner currently serve the fitness industry. But as a AI-powered health management solution company, Visbody are exploring more industries, with AI and 3D reconstruction tech, to make human body health visualized.

In the fitness industry, Vibody tech has partnered with over 1500 gym centers, and started business in over 165 cities. In other health industries, Visbody tech cooperated with hotel, military, beauty hospital, to provide service for national customers

Speaking of the future, CEO Yang said: “ We are dedicated to change at least two or three products ecology with our health management solutions, and going to reach up to the top three of physical assessment industry.”

I hope that through our own solutions, at least the product ecology of two or three industries will be changed. In this industry, we hope to be the top three in the world within 2-3 years.”

CEO Talks:

Q: Why choose to focus on Robot R&D?

A: Just like many other guys, I love engineer. I majored in science and technology and since then, I started the great interest in robot, and decided to do the related job. Those are prepared since the first year I went to university

Q: What’s your reason to step into the family health industry?

A: To bring people closer by technology

Q: Is Visbody a AI company or health R&D company?

A: For me, these two parts are closed-loop relationship. Visbody vision is providing intelligent products to our customers, and we need a mature AI-based cloud platform to support working smoothly. Because of this AI cloud platform, we could solve customer’s problems. They trust our products, so our AI cloud could add massive value to the body assessment industry.

Q: Who are our customers?

A: Currently, we are focusing on developing 2B companies, gym-related members and medical institutions

Q:  What’s the advantage of your products for being a tech company?

A: We have the best hardware, algorithm team, helping us to get over 155 national proprietary patents. And in 2018, we published a paper with Google, Shanghai Jiao Tong University on ECCV.

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