On July 10, 2020, the World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Conference, held by Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance and Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center, was successfully gathered the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the global intelligence field, leaders of relevant governments, as well as Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Fund, Lianxin Capital, Amazon AWS, Intel, Shanghai Big Data Co., Ltd., etc. AI gangsters, together witnessed industry events such as the 2020 season awards TOP3, outstanding project roadshows and the release of the AIWIN ecological plan.

From the perspectives of high-end, internationalization, specialization, marketization, and intelligence, the AIWIN Conference is positioned as a national-level artificial intelligence technology innovation and global product-launch platform. It is committed to working with outstanding talents and teams to help Shanghai become an artificial Smart country strategic heights. The competition attracts an average of more than 1,000 teams from all over the world to attend every year, accumulating more than 1,800 artificial intelligence application solutions, general technologies and low-level capabilities projects

With the exact vision of “Enlighten Intelligence, Set Sail for the Future”, this year’s AIWIN Conference create three standards in medical, finance, and urban management to pick up the top 3 project among these talent teams, which reach up to 600 AI projects to participate. These evaluation experts from engineering, academia, investment, and carriers industries, by combining with project advantages, implementation status, market value and other standards, went through the detailed discussion to decide which 3 projects could be the winners of 2020

After months of competition, Visbody won the title to be the “AIWIN Medical Track TOP3”. With our leading 360° full-dimensional intelligent body measurement products, AI visual and optical 3D modelling technology, Visbody provides the detailed solution for Human health assessment, and stand out among these over 600 projects. This comes after the “AIWIN 2020 Medical Track TOP10” in  April, 2020.

For decades of developing, Visbody has successfully completed the whole process of Algorithm research in “AI + Human” and underlying technology construction, to create the 1st national-wide 3D body scanner – Visbody 3D body scanner, it can generate a real 360°3D human body model through AI vision and optical three-dimensional reconstruction technology, realize millimeter-level body circumference measurement, and perform accurate posture assessment, body composition analysis, 3D intelligent body shape analysis, and joint flexibility analysis

Because of the excellent reputation and authoritative technological, Visbody has been highly affirmed in the world’s top industry competitions, acknowledged by these fitness, beauty, and health assessment management agency, and be reported by many mainstream medias.

From the very beginning, Visbody Technology insists on innovation and is committed to becoming a leading brand in the global health assessment industry, delivering the new way of using machine to evaluate human health. In the near future, Visbody will continue to cultivate the health technology, with help the comprehensive expansion of artificial intelligence technology, to apply more functions in our series of products to improve nutrition, train & workout.

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