Visualization, High-Accuracy, Traceability

The 1st 3D body scanner that applies the IBS and BIA technologies in the world

Visbody R can always understand the human body and easily extract:

3D Body Avatar

In only 10 seconds, we extract millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and reconstruct your body in a 3D avatar

15 Body Composition Analysls

Body composition is the most neglected fact by people in weight loss or weight gain programs. Let your clients, members, or patients know their body composition is the most important thing.

9 Accurate Posture Analysls

Visbody provides 9 key posture measurements that are useful for health management, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and sports injury prevention. Differentiate your business with Posture Analysis.

See Body Changes in 3D

Prove your program by measuring progress in a visualized way. Every client is now a case study for future prospects.

Tech Specifications

  • Only 10s scan time
  • Non-invasive
  • Handles for accurate analysis
  • RGB camera supports gesture recognition
  • 3 Intel depth cameras
  • Electrode body fat scale
  • Floor mat
  • Handles with electrode
  • 1080P HD LCD screen
  • 685.3mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 1611.5mm (H)
  • 44.5Kg

Why Visbody?

Showing body changes better than the BIA scale

BIA scales can analyze human body composition and tell people whether various parameters are within the normal range, helping people judge their health. However, health is not the only issue that people care about.

Visbody not only uses BIA technology to accurately analyze human body composition, but also uses 3D optical scanning technology to generate 3D models. Through recording and tracking the body shape, posture and circumference, it visually presents the body change process.

Differentiate Your Business with Visbody

Whether you’re a fitness professional, doctor, or even a tailor, Visbody’s technology enables you to extract key body shapes and measurements relevant to your industry.
Fitness & Sports
Medical Weight Loss
Physical Therapy

The Secret to Gym Growth

Create the difference

Share the amazing report on social media to attract more clients into your gym center, beauty salon, medical center, or physical therapy center.

Increase Renewal Rate

Clients can evaluate the training progress, keep training. Build loyalty to your brand.

Increase Revenus

Each report can be charged as an added-value service for memberships and clients.

Why Choose Visbody


Combine BIA with the 8-electrode multi-frequency pads in a scanner that provides the real 3D body avatar, 15 key body composition measurements, 9 key posture assessments for clients to know their body status in an easy way.

3D Model

Visbody adopts the Intel depth camera and Instantly Body Scan (IBS) technology, which can complete the 3D scan of the human body in 10 seconds and generate a high-precision 3D model.

Shape Analysis

Provide automatic circumference measurement, including 9 items: such as the circumference of left upper arm, right upper arm, chest. Clients can understand how their body shape better.

Track Progress

All the measurements data are stored on the cloud and the reports can be viewed from the Visbody dashboard or website. It assists clients to keep tracking the changes of their body status.

Fat Analysis

Provide information on body fat rate, weight, fat content, and basal metabolic rate, which can be used for weight loss programs and follow-ups. Enhance the success of weight management programs.

Risk Assessment

Perform targeted health risks assessments. A Visbody Test can provide easy-to-understand, accurate, and objective measurements to evaluate a patient’s disease risk.

Goal Setting

Visbody can be an effective tool in personal training. Create starting points, target improvement areas, and set attainable goals for success, understanding body composition with Visbody is key.


Provide the online management platfrom(dashboard) for clients to check out their reports.

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