Visbody won the Innovation award on FIBO CHINA 2021

FIBO CHINA 2021, the first exhibition in the global and Chinese fitness industry to kick off the new year, celebrated at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. With the theme of “Diversity without Boundaries, Inspiring New Vitality in Fitness Development”, this year’s exhibition was organized by Reed Sinopharm, co-organized by CBBA and co-sponsored by Reed Exhibitions Germany, to comprehensively upgrade the exhibition experience, gain insight into fitness industry trends and empower the industry with new channels of diversity without boundaries.

The year 2020 was an extraordinary year, with changes and innovations driving the fitness industry forward, and an explosion of inquiries on nutrition and fitness-related topics. And based on that, FIBO 2021 is destined to become the most popular one, with a total area of 40,000 square meters cover, and 500 exhibitors from around the world, including DRAX, Inbody, Monster Guardians, Technogym, these global fitness company.

Visbody, as a representative brand of body composition assessment, has exhibited many times and attracted many visitors to visit. On March 21-24, Visbody took Visbody D, Visbody R, with its latest 3D intelligent body measurement technology, attracted the attention of fitness practitioners and enthusiasts across the country.

As a leader in 3D intelligent body measurement, Visbody 3D body scanner utilizes 3D skeletal point detection technology to help memberships and coaches intuitively view body shape problems such as head lead, round shoulder, pelvis front/back, X/O/K/D leg shape, and millimeter-level human 3D joint perspective, which is accurate and more objective.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the ultra-accurate body assessment, the 3D Body Tracker has many smart new technologies.

  • Exclusive AI vision and optical 3D reconstruction technology, bringing high-precision rotatable 3D avatar model
  • Different from the traditional bio-resistance measurement, Visbody firstly adopts BDA and BIA fusion algorithm to apply stable body composition analysis, and achieve medical-grade body composition monitoring, which can detect intra- and extracellular fluid content and determine immunity level
  • Paperless management helps the gym reduce costs and improve efficiency, and protect user privacy at the same time, making it easy for memberships to do body comparison,  as well as real-time master body changes.

In this fitness exhibition, Visbody won the FIBO 2020 Product Function Innovation Award, And Yang, CEO of Visbody, said in an interview: “As a fitness company that provides intelligent health management solutions, the core value of Visbody is utilizing AI and 3D body reconstruction technology to obtain human health information visually and intuitively. Visbody Technology will continue to put much effort into product and function development, to serve global suppliers, 2021 will be the best year for Visbody to develop the global market. “

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