What you need to know before conducting the Visbody test?

What’s Visbody R 3D body scanner

Visbody R 3D body scanner is the 3D intelligent body measurement equipment, designed by Visbody Technology, which adopts AI visual and optical 3D modelling technology to provide members with high-precision real 3D model and test the body data, such as body shape, gesture, body composition and circumferences.

Visbody Measurements

Before conducting the test, we need to know more. Visbody measurement mainly includes body composition measurement and 3D body shape & intelligent gesture measurement, these two ways of measurements cover the full body scanning and get reliable body assessment:

> Body Composition Measurement

Body composition: human body is composed by water, proteins, inorganic salt, fat and others. The imbalance of body composition will lead to obesity, malnutrition, osteoporosis, edema and other diseases, showing high reference value for health and nutrition level evaluation. Visbody R is available for 13 core body composition measurements and provides six control and analytic suggestions based on WHO recommended standards to escort your healthy life.

> 3D Body Shape and Intelligent Gesture Measurement

Visbody R can generate 360°real 3D body model within 10s and automatically measure 9 body circumferences, objectively showing the body shape. Visbody R uses 3D bone point detection technology to carry out the 9 key 3D intelligent gesture measurements at millimeter accuracy.

(gesture evaluation models) (front stretch of head | head slant | round shoulders | pelvic antedisplacement/retrodisplacement | uneven shoulders | leg type analysis (X/O/K/D leg type judgment) | knee joint evaluation (knee hyperextension/flexion)

5 Steps for conducting Visbody test

It’s easy and user-friendly to conduct Visbody for scanning your body and get detailed body assessment.

1: Step onto the footprint position on the station.

2: accept the weight measurement with hands down and body still.

3: Remain your feet at the footprint position and hold the handles by both hands with 45° open to accept the body composition measurement.

4: Walk to the footprint position for 3D scanning following the voice prompts.

>clench your hands, open your arms to about 45° and rotate 360 ° in place in this posture following the voice prompts.

put your arms down slowly and turn right 90 °following the voice prompts.

5: when the measurement ends, please remember the number on the screen and inform the staff to check the body measurement results.

Body Measurement Requirements

Meanwhile, there are something you should avoid for:

In order to guarantee the accuracy of measurement results, please abide by the following requirements:

1.Please remove your socks and shoes and accept the body measurement bare footed.

2.Do not wear any metal accessories, such as ring, watch or necklace.

3.Please take off your coat and accept the body measurement with light and close-fitting clothes.

Do not wear any of the followings:

Please notes that: Whoever with metal medical devices such as cardiac pacemaker/steel nail and pregnant women shall not use the body composition analysis function.

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