What is Visbody R?

Visbody R is a 3D Body Scanner produced by Visbody Tech.

That can always "understand" human body and easily extract:

3D Model

9 Circumference Measurements

9 Body Posture Analysis

15 Body Composition Analysis

Other insights relevant to your members, clients, and patients.

3D Body Avatar

In only 10 seconds, we extract millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and reconstruct your body in a 3D avatar

15 Body Compostion Analysis

Body composition is the most neglected fact by people in weight loss or weight gain programs. Let your clients, members, or patients know their body composition is the most important thing.

9 Accurate Posture Analysis

Visbody provides 9 key posture measurements that are useful for health management, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and sports injury prevention. Differentiate your business with Posture Analysis.

See body changes in 3D

Prove your program by measuring progress in a visualized way. Every client is now a case study for future prospects.

Grow Your Business with Visbody R

Attract more clients to your gym, beauty salon, medical weight loss center, or physical therapy center than your competitors.

Fitness & Sports
Medical Weight Loss
Physical Therapy

The Secret to Business Growth

Create the difference

Share the amazing report on social media to attract more clients into your gym center, beauty salon, medical center, or physical therapy center.

Increase Renewal Rate

Clients can evaluate the training progress, keep training. Build loyalty to your brand.

Increase Revenue

Each report can be charged as an added-value service for memberships and clients.

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